About Mini Donut Co

At Mini Donut Co., we promise that when you visit our store, you will understand our motto "Hot & Fresh To Go!"  This means that our donuts are made to order and prepared with your favorite toppings while you wait.  With our classic and specialty flavors, we are certain to have something on the menu that will satisfy every taste.  Additionally, our seasonal donuts present new flavors that complement the time of year and deliver a tasty treat that will bring a smile to your face.

As a locally owned and operated donut shop, we cater to our St. Louis roots and invite you to experience our unique twist to a traditional breakfast treat and dessert treat.  We will always listen to your feedback and try new items based upon input from our donut loyalists.  And since we specialize in mini-sized donuts, you get the advantage of tasting multiple flavors of donuts each visit, where as the size of a traditional donut may be limiting.  Enjoy your visit with one of our specialty drinks, like a donut milkshake, or a great cup of coffee, as we proudly serve Kaldi's Coffee, a great St. Louis-based roaster since 1994.

St. Louis is known for many great food traditions, from thin crust pizza and toasted ravioli to gooey butter cake and ice cream cones.  While we did not invent the mini donut, we hope that our cake-style, mini donuts become a tradition for you and yours!

We hope to see you soon...

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